Vaccine Court Awards Millions

Eli Camp NDI just finished reading this article and thought I would share it with all of you.

Vaccine Court Awards Millions to Two Children With Autism


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  1. erin matson says:

    In probably 1956 or so my sister & I were told to go to our family dr.’s off ice for our 3rd polio booster shot. as we were waiting in the office I said to Deb let’s not and say we did & we walked out. I’d remembered how painful those inoculations had been. Neither of us ever got polio or the polio after effects disease from the first shotsf. I’d had childhood scarlet fever, whooping cough, and one kind of measles. I got the second kind of measles and mumps in early adult hood. ( as an aside that mumps was painful and when I complained I was prescribed codeine. I LOVED it and ate a tablet every day until they were gone & went on a 7 year search for more of this sort of drug. in 1963 I met the famous writer and juncky Herbert Huncke who facilitated a first skin shot of heroin. the intravenous shot a year or so later I gave myself. In 1966 the Japanese nutritionist Georges Osawa came to NYC with the information about macrobiotics and opened a food store. Most of us who’d come under the sway of Huncke, kicked out habits with the aid of Beaudilaire’s opium addiction cure: a lbd of Icelandic (not Irish) moss simmered with sugar for 6 hrs, strained and cooled, drinking a cup until the decoction was gone, repeat in a few weeks. none of us have gone back to using opiates. I have a horror if them in fact and has led me to stay away from conventional medical people now for 33 years and mostly for years before then. Was my meeting with Huncke coindence or Karma/fate.

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