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Eli Camp NDHealing can take many forms – I had some sad news this past week from a patient, her mother passed away. It seems as if it was something that could have been prevented. The care that was given through hospice was questionable and has left behind some pain and heavy hearts. I have been reflecting all week on how this person was over medicated and how her daughter was excluded from participating in health decisions that may have made a difference. It is hard to come to terms with “close mindedness” and I feel her frustration in knowing something may have been done.  For me, this week, the best medicine has been my grandchildren.

Yesterday was All Hallowed Eve and we celebrated this ancient holiday with our family. We started our holiday celebration several days earlier with a trip to the PTA pumpkin patch in Brandon, FL. We arrived late in the day and strolled through the pumpkins on display. Brian and Sophia made a beeline to the giant squashes and promptly started picking them up and moving them around. We managed to get 2 selected and then headed over to the hay bales for a photo opportunity. It is quite a feat to get a 2+ and 1+ year old situated so that a photo can be snapped, but we managed and to our delight caught them both on film. Then they were off to all the other delightful displays of goblins and ghosts!


We gathered Sunday afternoon at our house to carve pumpkins just before dinner and trick-or-treating. Standing around our kitchen island, both children on chairs – the carving began. Sophia managed to knock one of the pumpkins on the floor, and just like humpty dumpty, there was a great crack down the side…but it made for an original looking carving. Brian peered into the big pumpkin and said, for the first time, oooeeee! He was not really interested in touching the insides of the pumpkin, although grandpa finally got him to do it one time. The guts were wiped on the front of his shirt! So we got him a spoon and he helped scoop out guts. It was a wonderful and joyful time, everyone standing around chatting and enjoying the fascination of the kids. There is something so profound and refreshing about joy and laughter.


After dinner we set ourselves up at the end of the driveway – we had the pumpkins, our chairs and basket of treats, some little lanterns and our two costumed bundles of energy. Brian was Woody and Sophia was a little flower-girl princess. Mom and Dad had practiced saying trick-or-treat all week, and off they went amidst all the other costumed ghoulies. As I sat there and watched them go around our loop I listened to the happy chatter of all the little ones – my heart lightened and I felt grateful for the world around me and for the amazing joy my granchildren bring into my life. Simple, pure and powerful healing.

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    Found your blog on Bing. Thanks for the info!

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    Great site. I just signed up for your feed so I will come back to read again.

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