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My favorite time of the day lasts from about 1 hour before sunset until it is just dark enough to no longer read. I feel such a sense of peace at this time of the day and love to be one with the universe. I am a curious person, wondering about so many different things…I LOVE to think, about everything. While I have enjoyed so many places around the world, Florida is one of my favorites. This time of the day is absolutely breathtaking, yet peaceful at the same time. This is a sunset my husband, brother, sister and I enjoyed on a mid-April 2010 weekend.

My grandchildren are the most amazing creatures and while I really liked being a mom, being a grandmother has taken those nurturing feelings to a whole different level.

Doctoring is a passion for me – I know what good health is, have been travelling my own healing path for years now and want to be able to help anyone and everyone who is looking to make this kind of change in life. I understand the “job” of doctor as teacher and was so happy when I found out that the word’s Latin root is Docere (or teacher).

What do I teach?

Well, first, I pass along much of the information I packed into my being during medical school. But I also pass along information I have continued to learn in practice since graduating. This information keeps piling up, connecting concepts and ideas, forming patterns and providing answers and solutions for myself and others who are simply trying to figure out why their bodies and minds do not work like they ought to. It is an ongoing challenge to take in all this information, create the big picture and then break it down into bite size pieces for myself, friends, family and patients.

My best friend and love of my life, Brian.

My best friend and love of my life, Brian.

Second, I help people become self-sufficient in finding their own answers. I am also the cheerleader, the shoulder to cry on, the voice of reason to caution against the dill-pickle diet. I tell folks when they need to go get a test done, when it is time for that pharmaceutical drug or antibiotic, when they have caused their aching joint pain to return because they consumed a years worth of sugar in one day. I guide folks to make healthy choices of herbs, supplements, foods, exercise, thoughts, medicines and of course, I am their lifelong, trusty homeopath. I try to remember that information overload is one of the number one reasons that people give up trying to acheive a healthier state. So I run my practice in a “concierge model” which allows me to really spend the time walking each step of the journey with my patients. I can coach, shop, encourage, problem solve and be there when times get tough. I can also be ther to celebrate every milestone they pass.


For a long time, and yes, it is part of my homeopathic case, one of my sorrows was that I could not help more than a few people at a time. This is one of the reasons that Medicine Talk is so important to me. I can help spread the word and educate more people in this way than I could ever reach one-on-one. And to me this equals hope – the possibility that you will all find a way to become well. It also gives me a way to help direct people to Naturopathic Doctors while heping them to build their practices and businesses.

My best friend and adventuring partner, Miki!

My best friend and adventuring partner, Miki!

In the rest of my time? LOL – I  am sister, wife, daughter, best friend, puppy-mom, author, traveler, wanderer, philosopher, speaker, instructor and so much more. All the technical details are in my CV and here is a little more information in my Bio. Take a moment to visit Medicine Talk where you will find many things to help you on your journey to health.

I hope you find something here that helps, even if just a little, and I welcome your comments.


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  1. Steven Nadell says:

    I am looking at your webpage and find it quite personal and interesting. I am surprised that your CV and Bio links say ERROR. I support NDs and was interested in your background

    Thank you

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