Eli Camp NDI left school after teaching a homeopathy class the other day and there was a wasp on the window of the door of my car. I was very careful not to disturb it as I opened the door and got in, I thought it would blow away as I started to drive.

I only drove about 15 mph down the little service road and it was clearly not fast enough as that little wasp continued to hang on. Soon, I was headed down the main road at 35 mph and still, my passenger was on board. I started to smile thinking about that little wasp hanging on in the face of what must have been tropical force winds to it’s little body.

I started to worry that it would wait to let go until I was driving 45 or 50 and then it would get smashed into a windshield behind me. So I started to open and close the window a bit to shake it loose, of course swerving all over the road because I was watching the wasp and not where I was going…and before I knew it, I was getting on the interstate.

55, 60 , 65, 70 still that little one hung on, for TWENTY minutes at 75 mph, that wasp hung on, now surely it was experiencing hurricane force winds, and then, finally, just as I was approaching my exit, it let go.

Tenacity – that’s what it was. And I started thinking about what it must take for folks really struggling with a chronic illness – changing diet, changing lifestyle, changing thoughts and patterns, learning to live in a new way – it takes that kind of tenacity…and I have a renewed respect and understanding for how difficult the journey must be.

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  1. Churley says:

    Stoped by? to learn from this one more time…… and add it to my favorites!

  2. Palu says:

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  3. Prawo says:

    Waiting for the new article.

    REPLY: Thanks – stay tuned! EC

  4. alicja doowep says:

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  5. Thao says:

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    but what can I say… I hesitate a whole lot and don’t manage to get anything done.

    Be easy on yourself! And thanks for the comment. EC

  6. Anonymous says:

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  7. Belen says:

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