staying balanced

Eli Camp NDIf I knew how much fun having a blog was going to be I would have started one years ago. I have kept a journal for over 20 years and often go back and read through my entries as they help me remember how far I have come in my personal journey. I wonder if others read any of those entries if they would resonate with my struggles and triumphs and in the communion find strength when strength was needed.

So, I work a lot, all the time, and I really enjoy it. But I also enjoy spending time with my family, friends and of course my patients. – It seems that my behavior over the years may have been telling my family that they come second. It is sooo not true, but I guess everything and everyone cannot be the first priority and yet that is how I have always lived my life. So, one area that I personally needed to sort out was how to stay balnced. I have, as a result, made some significant changes in my life. It sounded simple to do – make some changes, prioritize, create free time for the people I love – but what an agonizing process it was. Especially since I thought everything should be assigned “the most important” priority.

I will share how I did this but right now there is a little four-legged creature, my puppy Asia, who has decided I have worked long enough for today. In keeping with my new plan, off I go to commune with her. Yes, yes, I am on my way to play frisbee….

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  1. Max says:

    It contains a lot of info that may be useful to many of us.

  2. Zhang says:

    The more I read this the more I get to know about this. thanks! it is so great .

  3. Chin Morrisette says:

    Keep working ,impressive job!

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