HSW1 – so far so good…

Well our first week of homeschooling is complete, and Wow, just Wow! In general, the kids are doing really well. They spent the first few days learning the software, how to navigate to lessons, figuring out how to pace themselves. As you can imagine, they have favorite subjects and do those lessons first. They are ensconced in their rooms at their new desks, take breaks as needed, stretch and move around, come in and talk with me or big Brian. We pop in every 30 minutes or so to see how they are doing, make sure they are not goofing off and help them out if they have questions.

Brian is very independent and rarely needs our help but with Sophie we are checking out her work before she submits the lesson. It takes them 3-4 hours total to work through the required curriculum each day and we are brainstorming supplemental activities for them. More on that as we develop the details.

Hear what Brian and Sophia have to say:

Here is our typical day:

  • Up by 7 am
  • Morning chores: pick up room, make bed, eat breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth
  • By 8 am, walk 1-3 miles, choice of route alternates between the four of us and we use this app: Map My Walk
  • Come home and start lessons with breaks as needed or desired.
  • Lunch around 12, for an entire luxurious hour (they only had 15 min at school).
  • M and W after lunch they go to the Y for PE.
  • Everyday they head outside in the afternoons to play and explore, working in the yard, helping grandpa with projects – but in general all outside activities.
  • Except Thursday, which is soccer practice starting at 5:30, they have the late afternoon free for reading or doing art – whatever they want to do.
  • Once a week they are creating a meal plan with us for the next week and then checking on foods we have on hand – they are responsible for making the shopping list. They assist with shopping by reading labels, comparing prices and then help put the food away when we get home.
  • Dinner prep starts about 5, except Thurs because of soccer, and everyone assists in the cooking, setting table and cleaning up – they are 9 and 10 and do all the dishes and clean up except pots and pans (that’s grandpa’s job). We talk about the nutrition of the meal as we cook, best cooking methods, what we cook and store food in, how long one can keep certain food items, what is in season – all those wonderful feed yourself skills.
  • They ramble a bit more outside – one of the things they have to do each day is take a picture (or more) of some plant or creature and then figure out what it is.
  • We do some evening activity – watch a show, play a game, sit and talk about the world.
  • Thrown in each day are things like yoga or meditation, reading at least 30 minutes, journaling, drawing or painting, coloring Mehndi designs, whatever strikes us at the moment.
  • Bed by 9 pm.
  • Free time for the grown-ups 🙂

So far it is Sophia who misses being around other kids, Brian not so much. But they are interacting at the Y and at soccer. We are looking for other socialization activities…

So for now we are happy with how things are going and we are on to week 2 with bells on!


Happy Home Schooling Family!

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