5 Bite Diet Updates

Hi all! Just wanted to give you a few updates about the 5 Bite Diet as I near the end of my first week. I have made some modifications to the diet overall.

I did lose weight in the first 4 days! And mid-way through day 4, I was really not feeling hungry, although I was very ready for my second set of 5 bites. BUT, that late afternoon, just before I was supposed to eat the second time, I did some yard-work. Not overly strenuous, but enough that I found myself light-headed, dizzy, and with a gnawing hunger that was pretty overwhelming. I was sufficiently hydrated, so it wasn’t that.

I ate an additional 5 bites. And felt great. And did some more research, reading and talking with folks about the program. And decided to follow an accumulation of advice. 5 bites, or about a half a cup of food, every four hours. I am doing 10 am – 2 pm – 6 pm. And I feel great and the weight loss continues.

Now – here is the thing I have realized. I was eating way, way, way too much food before. I did not need that much to feel no hunger. And it wasn’t super large amounts. For example, I might have eaten a 2-egg omelette, 1/2 English muffin and hash browns for breakfast before this experiment. And, then I would have had about that much again for lunch and again for dinner. It is just too much for the needs of my body. And why I am carrying an extra 40-45 pounds.  Now, that same example breakfast feeds both Brian and I and there may be left overs! He is being a buddy and doing the diet with me.

OK, so I am using the word diet. I am not thinking of it as a diet actually, rather, reconditioning my relationship with food and how much of it I eat, or need to eat. So I do not expect any rebound weight gain to occur this way, I have a much better understanding of how much food I was eating vs what I actually need to eat and I know this is very sustainable for me. My body knows it will not starve with this smaller amount of food.

Final comments – we are eating nutritious foods because I know what I eat matters. I am not obsessing, rather just retraining my mind and body to recognize appropriate quantities and I am actually having fun!

Have a good one!


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